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導讀: please是什么意思(共7篇)please是什么意思_please的用法及例句please是什么意思呢?下面21教育小編為各位英語學生準備了這個英語單詞的常用意思翻譯及例句:用作adv 翻譯為:請(=plz)please的用法和例句原文翻譯Please come with me 請跟我來。Please call if you...



原文 翻譯
Please come with me. 請跟我來。
Please call if you require assistance. 如果需要幫忙,請打電話。
Please fill in the arrival card. 請填寫這張入境卡。
用作動詞 (v.)
原文 翻譯
It is better to please a fool than to anger him. 惹得傻瓜發火,不如使他快樂。
Those new ideas will never please the old guard. 那些新的思想決不會使保守分子高興。
It's difficult to please everybody. 很難做到人人滿意。
I am not bound to please you with my service. 我沒有義務非得要侍候得使你滿意不可。
Take as many as you please. 你要多少就拿多少。
I have a right to go where I please . 我有權去我愿意去的地方。
And you can do the same thing if you please. 只要你愿意,你也可如此。
He's very hard to please. 取悅他很難。


原文 翻譯
This knife is not sharp enough to cut the steak. 這把刀子不夠利,無法切牛排。
Don't cut your finger on the broken glass. 別讓碎玻璃割傷你的手。
Face round, please, so that I can cut your hair at the back. 轉一下頭, 好讓我可以剪你后面的頭發。
Please cut out the expense in order to save the money. 為了節省錢,請削減開支。
His cruel remarks cut me deeply. 他那無情的話太傷我的心了。
He insisted that we give him the last cut before every deal. 他堅持讓我們在每次發牌前都讓他來最后切牌。
The fate of the game will be decided in the final cut of the cards. 這局牌的命運將由最后的切牌決定。
用作名詞 (n.)
原文 翻譯
His cheek was badly scarred by a knife cut. 他的面頰上留有嚴重的刀疤。
He had a finger cut off by a machine while working. 他在工作時被機器切掉了一個手指。
I don't trke the cut of his new suit. 我不喜歡他那套新衣服的式樣。
Before this play is broadcast several cuts must be made. 這個劇目播出前必須經過數次剪輯。



2011年01月21日 星期五 6:19 P.M.

I will take a holiday on 13 of Oct . Will back to office on 14 of Oct

if you have any urgently matter please contact with my colleagues:

pls kindly cfm(coNfirm) the attached

d/c note ---賬單

FYI(FOR YOU Inference—)

Pls fill attached application with your stamp in order to arrange telex release. Kindly find our SI for SZAWL09093093, pls send us bl copy for checking asap.

Pls kindly find the attached BL darft ,pls cfm and return ,tks

Enclosed si for subject shipment.tks!

Cfm ok, pls arrange tlx rls to us. If need application,pls advise the tlx

application format by return.

the shipment 貨物

Please kindly find the telex release letter as attached, pls confirm your receipt by return, pls provide the surrendered MBL copy for the subject B/L within today, Tks

Duly noted

Kindly find attached one set of documents for your refernce

subject shipment此貨

Pls check and confirm your receipt by return.收到后請回復。

Pls confirm to our enclosed debit note.

Sorry,pls see attached revised(修改) D/N: SZAWL09082046B


Received with thanks.

Pls confirm by return before 12:30,tks!

well received


Pls check if the cnee of a/m shpt picked up cargo or not.

Pls urgently check and provide devanning report(拆柜報告) for this

shipment to us.

Pls advice the status for below shipment.

1.Please release cargo to consignee without collecting o/bls.------放貨

2.Dear n.watanabe,

HBL NM200910010 76CTNS/951.00KGS

Pls HOLD CARGO.-------扣貨

>Dear N.watanabe,


>1. HBL WD2009100659 1PLT / 330KGS

>2. HBL WD2009100661 1PLT/ 480KGS


>Pls help to HOLD above mention two shpts.

拆柜:Pls adv when could you finish the unstuffing ? 何時能拆完柜子

發正本提單給收貨人 >Please release cargo to consignee Against collecting o/bls as attachment. 請憑正本提單放貨

Pls urgently check and provide devanning report for this shipment to us.請提供拆箱報告

pls ignore(不理睬) the DC note

Co-loader said they could not contact shpr now, they would try to ctc them again tomorrow.

Pls pay attention when the cnee pick up cargo.

Pls advised when the storage charges occur , for 7days free storage charges what you provided to us,

You could debit us for the 8th day ~ the 10th day.

You could debit cnee all storage charges if they did not p/u cargo on the 11th day after devanning.

As the co-loader said, they could p/u cargo on 15th, JAN

>ETA is 7th Jan.


>Pls check for us,tks.

Pls kindly check the exact arriving date of this shipment,and whether

consignee picked the shipment or not?(請問這貨收貨人提走貨了沒?) Besides, pls keep this HBL for yr records.

(show the wrong dest. on HBL copy , other remain unchanged)

Pls help to check with carrier(船東) about the amendment fee,thanks tax invoice發票

>Please send us arrival notice ,tks.


collected delivery order

Pls help revise the BL as attached.tks a lot.

Please check whether consignee picked up the cargo or not ,

if yes, please advise us the exact date.問代理提走貨了沒

m/bl:149000087695 (發電放單給代理)

> The m/bl have been telex released ,the release number is:MAC2010-CSD/EP2-RLS-705368

The cnee said the cargo have been broken

>Pls urgently check and provide devanning report to us.(跟代理拿拆柜報告) Will send surrendered hb/l copy to you once available.tks!


Fw: Re: Fw: DOC/SZC10011169/Doris/Shenzhen/Yokohama/Seika/UNI-ACCORD V.0893-286N ---- GZC100122 --- O/F PP

H/BL: GZC100122(83CTN/1499KGS/9.5CBM)

>1.Please release the cargo to consignee against original bill as


>2.O/F PP instead of O/F CC , and please cancel the ocean fee

usd30.00 ,tks.

>3.Please confirm the credit note SZAWL10012476B---USD30.00 ,tks.(g改提單,退費用)


> H/BL:CSSPSZLI10010005 (68CTNS/673.2KGS/4.795CBM)(取消費用 BAF ,SYS-BAF SYS高收)

1.Please charge cnee BAF USD5.00/RT in stead of BAF USD10.00/RT

2.please charge cnee SYS USD20.00/RT in stead of SYS USD45.00/RT The total balance we will credit to you as credit note SZAWL10011827B---USD143.86,TKS.

Pls cfm by return.


Re: DOC/SZC10021257/Doris/Shenzhen/Tokyo/EVER APEX V.0896-322N--SZAWL10022927--LOCAL CHARGE

>Dear watanabe ,


> H/BL: SZAWL10012330(3PALLETS/1143.4KGS/2.297CBM)


>Please charge cnee:


The local charges we instructed you first :



We will debit the total balance to you as debit note no: SZAWL10012330B---- USD18.12 TKS.


Pls adv the devanning date.(拆柜時間)


The D/N has been amended ,Please kindly find and confirm attached > credit note no:SZAWL10021677B---DOC FEE USD290,TKS.


Due to shpr still not pay local charge to us , so we can't arrange to

Surrendered HB/L . Pls be noted.(客人沒付款)

2.cancel the L/C NO. in commdity.(品名處有修改)

amendment Fee(修改費用)

devanning report for this container .(此柜子的拆柜報告)

The good of description have been revised as below:(更改品名)

2.revised h/bl as attachment ,please find it.tks.

Attached amended HBL.(修改提單)


倉租:Warehouse rental


As per Ms.Eva communicated with you, Shipper "MUSUN PACKAGE" is complaining that consignee did not settle all the goods' payment to shipper yet.

But this shipment is already released as per informed..

Pls kindly assist us to push consignee to arrange payment to shipper urgently in order to avoide more complaints from shipper..

很樂意幫助你:it completely our pleasure to hellpp you!




>Please advise the devanning date and check when the cnee pick up cargo , as the co-loader said there was storage charges . tks.

HI,do you contact with cnee again? any new? could the cnee advise us the pay fee date?

Pls advise the exact arriving date of this shipment.

Pls advise the storage upto now.. USD? / CBM/DAY ?(問倉租多少,怎么算)

免堆期間:F/T is up to FEB. 15.

And pls kindly help to contact with consignee to get some information

about why they still did not pick the shipment yet?(問客人為什么不提貨,不提貨的原因)

Well received with tks !

目的港客人簽收單 :Pls provide the receipt with cnee's signature.

>Please charge cnee sys USD20/RT in stead of USD55/RT .

Please kindly find and confirm attached credit note no:SZAWL10022711B---



1. 填寫申請表有哪幾種方式?

答:有三種,(1). 直接用手或用打字機填寫學校寄來的表格。


(3). 上網到學校網站在線填寫申請表格。(網上申請)

2. (1) In filling the recommendation form,in what capacity

3. 推薦人和你的關系,一般填Professor、Teacher或者Advisor.

4. (24) 推薦信是否waive那一欄要不要簽名?

5. 最好選擇waive,它表示你放棄以后查看推薦信的權利。

(10) Reference's affiliation

6. 填推薦人供職的單位

7. (3) Temporary address & Permament address該怎樣填?

8. The permanent address填父母的地址。The temporary address填現在的住址,比如學校,

但需注明何時終止。如果你不注明,通常I-20會寄到permanent address?;蛘咴赑ermanent address處填寫你現在宿舍的地址,在temporary address處填寫你租用的信箱的地址。

[84] recommendation 中的空白處填不下,另寫一封,隨一塊recommendation



[77] 用acrobat把表 天好只后,是不是可以email過去???


[79] 只寫推薦信可以不填表嗎?


[96] 國學校提供的推薦信表格可否在一張紙上正反面打???


[76] 推薦表上 in what capacity 填什么?


[93] 推薦表格里affiliation該怎么填?


9. [85] p.s的頭一定要用它給的form 頭嗎?


10. [75] 可不可以用PS代替申請材料中的學校要求的PS表格?


11. 10,請見所附的PS,是不是可以說:Please see the PS attached.還是說: Please see the

attached PS.??

12. --> 前者(個人覺得)

(4) List the faculty you have contacted or expected to contact concerning your application for admission to XXX Univ.

13. 如果你和某個教授聯系過,可以填上教授的名字,不會有壞處。對于有些學校的一些系,


14. 33.推薦表可以不填嗎?


15. [61] 每個學校都讓我們用他們的表格,但若讓每個教授都填那么多表的話,豈



16. 15.推薦表格的內容很多,不好讓導師全寫??墒亲约簩?, 又和導師筆跡不同。怎么辦? 用




17. 27.所有的表格都是用的同一種筆填是不是不好呀,那些老師一看不就會知道嗎?



3.學校表格上注明 Prints or Type 是否意味著不能用手填寫?




5.如何將下載PDF 文件打開?

答:下載一個acrobat reader 5.0在/acrobat 上面可以找到。

6.我下載了一個Acrobat READER 4.0, 但好象無法編輯,怎么回事?

答:acrobat reader 只能用來瀏覽pdf文件,無法編輯。要編輯要用acrobat 5.0 full version.




答: 94M 81M





答: 你打印時,出現打印對話框后,將左中部COMMENTS處的復選框勾上.





1. 填表的一些原則

(1) 不懂的地方應該空出來

(2) Financial以及Affidavit of Support相關的地方要么填零,要么不填。

(3) 對中國學生不適用或不知道的地方填 N/A。

(4) 最后一定要簽名。


[98] 在線申請時寫獲獎情況,地方不夠,是不是可以寫:…etc(please see my resume?)





31.我的表格中有一項:”GPA for all work taken after receiving the Bachelor’s degree”是什么意思呀?


37.在填gpa時,表中為“JR./SR. grade-point average",請問如何填?


40.Estimated Grade Point Average (4.0 scale) in upper division courses:__ 什么是in upper division courses, 是指最近幾年的課程嗎?

答:估計你將會選修的course的GPA。Upper division 是指一些研究院 course code 比較大一點的的課程,像5xxxx的,一般graduate course 都是5 ,6 ,7 字頭的。而如果申請獎的學生,GPA 不能低過3.0。所以這個Estimated GPA 你起碼要填3.0以上。

[59] 填表的時候,有的學校要求算百分制的平均成績,而我的一些選修課是以

優秀、良好、中等以及A、B、C、D等來記分的,那么這些選修課程是否需要計算在內,如果 需要計算,該怎樣計算呢?


[54] Undergraduate School Units Completed,這個unit是指什么?


53.我的表中有一個讓寫: high school的時間,地點,過分的是還讓填 Major, Name of Degree or Diploma and date這兩項我

[53] 我的表中有一個讓寫: high school的時間,地點,過分的是還讓填 Major, Name of

Degree or Diploma and date這兩項我們中國學生哪里有呀? 我該怎么填呢?


39.If you are currently enrolled, list courses in progress and coursed you expect to take before enrolling in our graduate program. 其中要求填寫 course description, instructor.這是不是指他們本校的學生???




44.填表時遇到下面一個問題,很是奇怪,不知那位大俠解釋一下Check here if you plan to complete teacher certification requirements.






14.Social security number怎么填?


16.表格中有一個post-secondary Institutions Attended(可以填6個的),說是degree earned or expected 是不是把自己以前上過的學校都列上(大學以后),那還用不用寫自己現在要申請的學校及專業呀?


22.首先在填list all colleges and universities attented時,因為我明年才畢業,那degree一欄是否要填?


[92] 什么是QPA?

答:QPA 即Quality Point Average.學校在它的CATALOG中說明就是GPA。

[86] 填表時一學校問道在本科時的"number of credits"該怎么填?如果學校沒



[94] List your knowledge of foreign languages and indicate the extent of

your written and spoken ability. 是不是寫“English good ”就行了?

答:english, fluent

[78] semester是指一年還是半年?


[80] 在一些學校要求上有:last 40/60 hours GPA=3.0.請問此處的40/60hours指什



[91] Class of Honors 填什么呀好象國內并沒有什么HONOUR DEGRESS 或UP SECOND DEGREE這樣的分法呀?


[82] speciality 填專業還是具體的小方向?


[89] 申請表中“what is the most advanced degree you intend to pursue at the

university?'是什么意思? 該如何填?


[100] DEGREE SOUGHT的意思是?


[66] will you begin your program of study with an off-campus course? y/n怎么



[66] ets school code dates應該怎么填,如果是本人的畢業學校,ets的bulletin中沒 有,怎么辦?


[68] 學成績有兩項over-all average和average for major subject是填百分制成績,還 是填GPA?


(12) GPA calculation: Undergraduate there are cumulative (overall): ____,Upper division work GPA: _____ 怎么填?


upper division work GPA指后兩年的GPA。

(13) 填表時發現填TOEFL成績時有以下6項:Section 1,Section 2,Section 3,Ws,Total,Year Taken。Ws指的是什么?

Ws為Write sample,即TWE。

(7) GRE Mathematical Score/Percentile

總分和百分比,例如 800/99%,

(23) GPA/out of

3.8 out of 4.0 指4分制中的3.8分(即滿分為4.0)

90 out of 100 指百分制中的90分(即滿分為100)

(26) quarter-hours credit 指的是什么?

美國的4學期制,春秋兩個長的叫semester,夏季短的稱為quarter credit指你的學分。

3,在填寫受教育情況時,有以下內容:dates,degree*,GPA/out of 其中dates是指什么?是不是入學及畢業時間??學校又對degree*做了進一步的解釋:*includes any degree expected by end of year這是什么意思呀??GPA/out of 我們學校本科成績只按百分制來算,那么在本科成績那一欄中我是不是可以填寫如:88/100呀?而研究生成績既有百分制的平均分,也有按四分制來算的GPA,但按四分制來算的GPA不是很高,3多一點點。那么我是不是可以就填寫百分制的平均分呢?(如果可以直接填寫百分制的話)

--> DATE 是畢業證上的日期

--> includes any degree expected by end of year這是給那些還沒有畢業的人

---> 可以


Financial以及Affidavit of Support相關的地方要么填零,要么不填。

[97] 老外問How do you plan to fund your studies? List all the scholarships,

fellowships and awards for which you have applied??晌疫€沒有申,然后他又問

Do you wish to be considered by the department for entrance scholarships or

fellowships (if available)? 怎么添?



(22) 在填表時如何對付financial certification form?

以下是一所學校對financial certification form所給的處理方法:

Hold on to the form,you cannot mail it to us until you know the following: That you have been admitted and what kind of financial aid you have been offered. So don't worry, mail everything else to us and wait for our response.

(14) Do you claim XXXX Residence for Tuition Purposes?


(5) Source of Funds


(8) If your acceptance of admission is contingent on receipt of a financial aid award,explain why it is necessary.


(9) What is the minimum amount of financial aid you need to allow you to attend XXX Univ.


(25) financial affidavit of support


(20) What is FAFSA?

FAFSA——The Free Application for Federal Student Aid. It is for Americans,not for you.

8,Please list any fellowships or other scholarly aid for next year for which you are a

candidate(National Science Foundation,Danforth,Fulbright,veteran/'s benefits,industry



---> 空著

9.If you can be offered a scholarship that covers only tution,do you wish to be considered for admission?填Y/N??(有人說只要免了學費就可以了,其他的生活費等到了美國自然會有機會掙得,真的是這樣嗎??)

---> 是

35.Financial Support即經濟資助問題選parents做sponsor呢,還是選self support or others?另外我要寫能被提供的錢數目到底寫多少???



1、 telex released b/l 電放提單

2、 for your reference 做為你的參考

3、 sign back 簽回

4、 Pls see attachment 請看附件

5、 Pls sign back the telex releae letter . 請簽回電放信

6、 Pls find attached SO for your reference (yr ref.) 請查收附件做為你的參考

7、 Pls make sure your cargo will send to our warehouse before tomorrow afternoon(18:00pm). 請盡量將你的貨在明天下午6點前送到我們的倉庫

8、 Pls see attchment and cfm the b/l of XXX. 請收附件并且確認提單為XXX是否OK?

9、 I receipted the telex released requirment , but no payment receipt , we can’t telex release this cargo.Pls mail it to me hurry!


10、 any further question, pls feel free to contact me, tks! 有任何問題,請及時聯絡我

11、 Enclosed booking form for yr ref, pls fill it out by return 附件所涵內容給你參考,請填好后回傳給我

12、 Enclosed our airport warehouse address for yr send the cargo tomorrow morning 請于明天早上送貨,附件為飛機場倉庫地址

13、 Pls find the attached , 1 filed for two TELEX RELEASE B/L to CHICAGO and check it ‘s OK or NOT


14、Have received 已有收到

15、Received with tks. 收到,謝謝

16、Received and will arrange it.tks 已收到且將會安排

17、The s/o can use till next week. 這份S/O下星期也可以使用

18、Please confirm the attached bill by return.tks 請確認附件并傳回

19、Please kindly advice yr PO#. 請提供PO號碼

20、Please find the attached invoice for yr ref.tks 請查收附件中的付款單做參考

21、I have release S/O to you , Pls received it . 我已有釋放S/O給你,請查收。

22、Pls find attached the application form for telex release. 請查收附件中的電放申請函

23、Pls see the attached that we had arranged the hb/l telex release.Here is the copy for you in your information.


24、Attached pls find the telex release form for your reference. 附件中的電放申請函給你做參考

25、Pls kindly help to cfm with the client . 請幫忙跟客人確認

6、we need you support the commercial & P/L for our processed 我們需要提供商業發票和清單

27、Pls kindly follow up. 請追蹤

28、Which is the correct cnee? 哪個是正確的收貨人?

29、Pls release s/o asap. 請盡快放S/O


31、AMEND B/L COPY, PLS CHECK & CFM 修正后的提單,請檢查并確認

32、Please kindly see the attached file and kindly fill in by return, thanks. 請查收附件并填好后回傳,謝謝!


34、PLS ADV WHEN YOU CAN LOAD THE CARGO 請問你們何時可以裝貨?、Kindly pls note we’ll charge you cargo sorting fee HKD30/cbm for subject shipment as you didn’t sort the cargo at time of your loading.By the way, pls ask factory load the cargo per booking in the truck.在裝貨時,由于你們沒有分開貨物,所以你們將支付30HKD/CBM倉庫將貨物分類的費用,以后下booking 請與工廠說明。

36、Kindly pls note we’ll regard your bkg note which sent to our CFS as SI, you don’t need to submit SI


And pls confirm if you request to issue combine bl if yr bookings on same vsl with same shipper & consignee & notify name

every time.確認按你們的要求合并提單,如果每次是相同的發貨人、收貨人及被通知人的話。

37、Kindly find attached our office moving notice. Please be noted. 我們的辦公室已搬遷,請注意!

8、pls note below our New Year's holiday (Jan.01, 2006) arrangement 請注意我們安排元旦放假的時間

9、It is pleased to talk with you. 和你說話很高興

40、Here is the debit note for you ref,pls arrange the payment to us 這兒有付款單給你做參考,請安排付款給我們。

41、Well received with thanks and will send the s/o to you asap, thanks. 我們已有收到并馬上回傳給你

42、Well noted with thanks.By the way, per the telephone conversation between you and our colleague/Jessie, the shipment ex

yantian, could you kindly let your consignee and ralted party contact with us freely, for it is not efficient we informed our

hkg colleague the shipment which was handled by Shenzhen branch, thanks.Any problem, welcome to contact with us freely.

43、you have not paied the freight yet 你還未支付此票費用

4、colleague 同事


46、XXX and XXX coalition a b/l XXX和 XXX合并為一份提單

47、Please kindly book the vessel by LCL shipment for me, Thank you. 請幫忙訂散貨

48、Attached please see the B/L information of S/O #(XX). XXX訂艙單補提單資料


50、Direct Line 直線 an extension 分機

51、Nice to talk to you just now! 跟你說話很開心

52、Attached is the new booking. 附件是新的booking



54、Pls. kindly find our booking form 請收我們的booing格式

55、Pls. kindly find the revised B/L draft and confirm to me. 請看我們修正的提單并且確認給我。

56、BTW , Pls. fax your banks slip to me asap. 順便說一句請盡快傳銀行水單給我.


58、Pls. kindly find the Telexed HB/L.請查收電放后的提單

59、Well noted, I'll inform our overseas agent release cargo 收到,我會通知我們的國外貨代釋放此貨、

、Well noted.

62、we think this ship schedule is very convenient to us ,pls release me the s/o,tks.我認為這班船期很適合我們,請放S/O給我,謝謝。

63、We will ship this cargo on Feb-07 我們的貨好日期為2-7

64、Here is the new booking for the AGD customer ,pls check with the customer to use cfs or 1*20GP.any problem pls let me know這是AGD客人的新booking,請和客人確認是走散貨還是20”柜,有任何問題請告知我.

65、pls tell me the last cfs cut off time of this year ,and when you will have the spring vacation? he cargo is ship to chicago,USA.We need it to arrange the shipt.pls kindly understand.請告訴我今年散貨最后交貨時間,還有你們春節放假時間表?我們有貨要到美國芝加哥,我們要安排出貨,請知悉.

66、by ocean shipment 海運

67、For the attachment ,I have confirmed it to u already. 這個附件我已有確認給你。

68、Sorry for let you confused, We have checked with my factory,they can't catch this shipt,Have you give me the last shipt

S/O in this year?


69 Pls kindly release me the SO asap.As you know,the CFS cut off time is FEB-12,11.00,We will arrange it in FEB-10.and then

We can catch the shipt.Pls kindly check.請盡快釋放S/O,你也知道散貨截關時間為2月12日,我們將安排10號出貨才能趕上這般船,請確認。

71、Sorry for that, pls find attached right s/o for this shipt, pls arrange accordingly.(非常抱歉,請查收附件正確的S/O,請盡快安排)

pls check with customer to use the 1*20GP or use CFS?

77、Have you received my new booking ,i have faxed you yesterday,and i called you many times,but the phone is always busy.

78、Attached pls find the SI for the S/O#UPSXZU07010287 請查看s/o為XXX的補提單資料.

79、For this problem,I don't know much about that ,pls kindly direct check with the customer.

80、 would you provide stamped telex released B/L NO#SZX070280206 for me?

81、Thanks for your good cooperation.you have a high efficiency,we will arrange the payment asap,謝謝你的友好合作,你的辦事效率真高,我們會盡快安排付款。

82、I have phoned Miss yang just now, she will fax it to you. because something wrong with her email now【please是什么意思】


83、can we catch the vessel closed this week? Our goods is ready now.我們能趕上本周截關的船嗎?我們的貨已備好

84、We will arrange this cargo to your warehouse tomorrow.

if you are free,pls email your price list to us,maybe we can cooperate in the future .我們將盡量安排明天將貨送到倉庫,如果你有空的話請將你們的運輸報價表Email給我,或許我們在將來有合作的機會。

86 pls send me the d/n and make b/l for original. 請將D/N傳給我并制作正式提單。

87.Any problem pls feel free to contact us.

88.Cargo has been arrived at destination, please kindly arrange payment for cargo release and avoid any storage charge accordingly. 貨已到港,請付款我們好電放提單。

89. Please check the attachment-revised order as per your requirements. 請查收根據你們要求修改后的附件



Please see the file attached. 請查收附件

91 please find attach file —— TLX MB/L.

thanks in advance.


Just now we got our customer instruction that for future shpts please do notice cnee before goods arrive at dest one week, btw, pls send us your debit note to us earlier when delivery, thanks in advance.


please find enclosed the **




代理問貨的狀況,及要PRE ALERT,

如:Please confirm everything is ok and please send us your pre-alert asap.

回:PLS NOTE THE SHPT ETD 10-1,we waiting for MB/L for carrier.will send pre-alert docs to you once get available.

請注意這票貨的開船時間是10月1日,收到MB/L我就發PRE ALERT給你




NOTYFY PARTY 通知人【please是什么意思】

























O/F (Ocean Freight) 海運費

BAF (Bunker Adjustment Factor) 燃油附加費

CAF (Currency Adjustment Factor) 貨幣貶值附加費


DOC (DOcument charges) 文件費



(1)FCA (Free Carrier) 貨交承運人

(2)FAS (Free Alongside Ship) 裝運港船邊交貨

(3)FOB (Free on Board) 裝運港船上交貨

(4)CFR (Cost and Freight) 成本加運費

(5)CIF (Cost,Insurance and Freight) 成本、保險費加運費

(6)CPT (Carriage Paid To) 運費付至目的地

(7)CIP (Carriage and Insurance Paid To) 運費、保險費付至目的地

(8)DAF (Delivered At Frontier) 邊境交貨

(9)DES (Delivered Ex Ship) 目的港船上交貨

(10)DEQ (Delivered Ex Quay) 目的港碼頭交貨

(11)DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid) 未完稅交貨

(12)DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) 完稅后交貨

CY (Container Yard) 集裝箱(貨柜)堆場

FCL (Full Container Load) 整箱貨

LCL (Less than Container Load) 拼箱貨(散貨)

CFS (Container Freight Station) 集裝箱貨運站

A/W (All Water)全水路(主要指由美國西岸中轉至東岸或內陸點的貨物的運輸方式)

MLB(Mini Land Bridge) 迷你大陸橋(主要指由美國西岸中轉至東岸或內陸點的貨物的運輸方式)

貨運代理人a freight forwarder

貨運代理業務freight forwarding

B/L (Bill of Lading) 海運提單

MB/L(Master Bill of Lading) 船東單,母提單,主提單


HB/L (house bill of lading)分提單,子提單,貨代提單

ORDER B/L 指示提單

貨物 ① goods ② freight ③ cargo

運輸 ① transportation ② transit ③ conveyance

運輸業 ① transportation business ② forwarding business ③ carrying trade

承運人 carrier

陸上運輸 transportation by land


國際結算2009-2010下學期 第一次作業交作業時間:3月31日上課前交 Chapter 1 Introduction

Chapter 2 Negotiable instruments 1. 簽發匯票 the issue of a draft 根據如下條件,簽發匯票

A draft for USD$100,000.00 is drawn by The American Exporter Co. Inc. Tampa, Florida, USA on The French Issuing Bank, Paris, France payable at 60 days sight to the order of ourselves dated 25 Feb., 2008 marked “Drawn under The French Issuing Bank, Paris, France L/C NO. 12345 dated 25 Feb., 2008”

Please fill in the following blank form as per above instruction to issue a draft. 2. 完成如下匯票的票據行為

a) 承兌Acceptance


b) 背書 Endorsement

c) 保證 Guarantee

Payment Guaranteed

Good as avail

d) 貼現 Discount: 假設匯票20天后貼現給第三家銀行 The French Discount Bank, 貼

現年利率6%,請問貼現后的凈現值是多少? 1000*(1-6%/360*40)=99333.33元


Exchange for

At Pay to the order of the sum of To:



A) What are the characteristics of negotiable instruments? What do these characteristics mean? 票據的特性有哪些?這些特性的具體含義是什么?





1. Negotiability. Although it may or may not be circulated, a negotiable instrument is usually capable of being transferred or negotiated. The title of a negotiable instrument can be passed from one person to person by merely delivery or by endorsement followed by delivery.

2. Unconditional Promise or order to pay. No matter whether it is a bill of exchange, a promissory note, or a cheque, it must contain an unconditional order or promise to pay a fixed amount of money at a certain time.

3. Requisite in form。 A negotiable instrument must be in the form of a document containing required items.

4 Non-causative Nature. A negotiable instrument exists independent of the commercial relations from which it originated or which occasioned its transfer.

a) What’s the criteria for recourse, and explain it with an example.什么是票據的追索


1)、追索是持票人在票據被拒付(不獲承兌或到期不付款式等)時,對背書人、出票人對其他票據債務人行使請求償還的權利,這種行為稱做追索。 2)、追索人的條件:持有合格票據、持票人盡責、遵守時效。 3)、追索的順序:按照多數票據法的規定,債務人無責任大小之分,只要簽過字就要對票據債務承擔全部責任。追索只能按債務順序向前追索,即只能由后手向前手追索,而不能由前手向后手追索。我?lt;<票據法>>規定,持票人為出票人的,對其前手無追索結,持票人為背書人的,對后手無追索權。如:出票人A簽發1張匯票給收款人B,依次轉讓,順序如下:A—B—C—D—E—F—A,如果A遭拒付,他實際上是最前順序的債務人,所以不能向其形式上的前手追索。假定另一個順序如下:A—B—C—D—E—C,如果C遭拒付,C只能向B和A追索,而不能向其形式上的前手D和E追索。 4)、 追索金額:包括被拒付的票據金額、票據金額自到期日至付款日的利息、取得有關拒絕證明和發出通知書的費用。

b) What’s guarantee? What’s the responsibility of a guarantor?什么是票據的保證


1)、保證是指非票據債務人對于出票、背書、承兌、參加承兌行為所發生的債務予以保證的票據行為。在匯票、本票和支票的使用中,都有可以存在保證。 2)、保證人一旦在匯票上作保,即與被保證人承擔相同的債務責任。當匯票遭到拒付時,持票人有權向保證人追索,保證人應當清償追索金額。保證人清償后,有權向被保證人及其前手追索。

Chapter 3 Remittance 匯付

1. 請寫出匯付方式的流程圖,并說明它主要用于哪些形式的貿易結算中?Please answer in

both Chinese and English (思考題) (課本P83,89-89) 2. 操作題: 按如下要求填寫票匯方式下開立的匯票。 Draft No. 2008081

Amount: CHF 89,215.00

Place and date of draft: Shenzhen, March 10,2008 Paying bank: Bank of China, Bernec Branch

Payee: the order of United Trading Company, Switzerland Pay against this draft to the debit of our account Remitting Bank: Bank of China, Shenzhen branch

Remitter: China National Light Industrial Production Imp. & Exp. Corp., Shenzhen Branch, Shenzhen.

Question: Please draw a demand draft to make remittance by D/D.空白銀行匯票如下 BANK OF CHINA This draft is valid for one Year from date of issue



1. 請寫出跟單托收結算方式的流程圖。Please answer in both Chinese and English. (思考題) (課本P100)

2. 銀行對托收業務的融資有哪幾種方式?出口商如何預防托收中潛在的風險? Please answer in both Chinese and English. (思考題) (見課本P103-108或筆記相關內容)

答:銀行對托收業務的融資有:出口托收押匯和進口托收押匯。出口托收押匯是托收行買入出口商開立的以進口商未付款人的跟單匯票以及所附的商業單據,將貨款扣除利息即費用后,凈額付給出口商。托收行對出口商有追索權,保證由出口商負責賠償托收行的一切損失。對出口商的托收押匯的申請,托收行還得考慮出口商的資信狀況、履約那里和清償能力。為控制出口托收押匯的風險,銀行通常核定相應的融資授信額度,只在額度內敘做出口押匯。如果出口商投保了出口信用險,銀行可要求出口商將保單提交銀行敘做抵押,并將保單項下的權益轉給銀行,對這類托收的融資比例一般不超過發票金額的80%,D/P的托收押匯的風險小于D/A的托收押匯,銀行的托收押匯限額控制較松,但D/P中所交的單據必須包含全套物權單據。 在托收押匯中,銀行也會要求出口商安排相應的貨物運輸保險,并掌握保險單,以控制風險。


代收行必須向托收行和出口商負責。代收行為了防范風險,可以通過進口商與出口商協商,讓出口商在托收委托書中明確規定“付款交單憑信托收據借貸”(D/P T/R)方式,日后進口商如到期拒付,則與代收行無關,一切風險有出口商自行承擔。 3. 操作題

(1). 根據已知條件填寫托收結算方式下使用的匯票

China National Instrument Import & Export Corporation, Tianjin Branch, Tianjin (Principal) wish to issue a draft dated 14 July, 2005 drawn on Continental Co., 46 Rue de Ancient, Paris (Drawee) (受票人) at sight for USD 1,200 payable to the order of Bank of China, Tianjin (remitting bank), which will make a special endorsement to Banque du Paris, Paris marked “Drawn against shipment of 20 sets of transistors shipped per s.s. Chenghau from Tianjin to Le Harve for collection. ”.空白匯票如下所示

(2) 根據已知條件填寫托收指示書

The principal presents an application accompanied by draft and documents to the remitting bank for collection.

An application collection shows as follows: Commercial documents surrendered are below:

B/L in triplicate Invoice in triplicate

Insurance policy in duplicate Certificate of origin in duplicate Packing list in duplicate

Collection instructions are given below:

Deliver document against payment

answer,please answer

10.Answer,please answer


? “我沒想到()ZMA工程還在搞。有什么新的收獲嗎?”

這回,輪到瑞佐聳肩了:“還是一無所獲呢!非常時期,這工程自然就擱淺了。如果不打 仗,碟形衛星天線不被炸毀,我們還要搞?!? “還是偵聽那兩穎星嗎?”

“嗯??還是鯨魚座T型星和波江座E型星。還只有這兩個類似太陽的星座,可能在一定 范圍內附帶有像地球這樣的行星?!? “所以你指望竊聽到其他智慧族群所傳出的無線電信號?!? “有這個想法?!?/p>



我反潔道:“憑什么外星人要向星際太空傳出無線電信號呢?勞神費力,而且很可能是徹 底的白費力氣,因為在能夠交流到的范圍之內,根本就沒有交談對象?!?/p>


“嗯。我們在設法尋找外星人。不是在發送無線電信號嗎?” 他坦陳道:“沒有吧!花大筆資金建造一座如此巨大的發射臺,國會是不會表決通過的?!?/p>

我說道:“言之有理,所以我們只是收聽信號而不是發送信息?!? 瑞佐并沒就此打止,而是接著說道:“我說,光憑統計數據,很可能在其他數百萬個太陽 系中就有智慧生命體的存在。我們早就該與之取得聯系了!對于我們人類一些至今無法解決的 唯題,他們也許倒是十分了解?!?/p>





指著操縱臺上微弱的小燈,我說道:“用激光,光學激射器。在太虛一片漆黑之中,小燈 發出亮光。只要通上一點適量的電力,激活幾萬億穎原子,一束鉛筆那么粗的強光就會出現,即便在數百萬英里之外都能看得清楚?!?/p>














他反感地長噓了一口氣,說道:“哈,你一直是在開玩笑。是吧?!? “不錯,”我說,“的確是這樣?!?/p>




慢慢熬過數周后,我們獲悉我們的一顆載人衛星在武力威脅下被紅方強行登占。而我們的太空站工作人員擊毀了紅方的兩顆無人操縱間謀衛星。雙方在位于北極的一座冰島上發生了交 火,并且,有六個國家正在進行核彈試驗。

自然,我們收不到任何郵件。只有被輪換下來時,到了默多主控中心我們才能拿到信件。我免不了很想念妻子格拉里以及兩個孩子,他們住在舊金山,而時舊金山曾出現的大爆炸和放 射性塵埃,只好盡量不去想了。

“我妻子硬是通著我幾乎耗盡所有的錢財在家中修了一個防空洞”,瑞佐時我說,“那鬼防 空洞比我們的房子搞得還要漂亮。有幫人總覺得天災人禍注定會要選個時候降臨到頭上,我妻子是那幫人的頭頭。要是不打仗,她竟反而覺得不可思議?!?/p>




“圓屋頂蠻像一艘潛艇,只不過我們是在冰雪中而不是水中”,瑞佐說道,“但愿我們不會 沉底?!?/p>



又來了幾股風暴,但等到風暴再次平息時,瑞佐已給我裝好了圖像放大器。這時候,用我自己帶的微型望遠鏡觀察起來幾乎達到了那種專業設備的效果。我甚至可以做洋洋地躺在床 上,眼觀放大器顯示屏,遙控著整臺裝置。



我碰巧在觀察研究一顆造父變體星,它屬于體積極其巨大、光度相當強的那種星座,其閃爍極有規律,甚至可以用來校表。我們之所以注意到它,是因為對于一顆造父星來說,其距離 近得出奇—僅僅相距 700光年,這種距離通過測定其閃動的次數就能輕而易舉地枯算出來。



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